Monday, February 5, 2018

So, Britbong Got Banned From Youtube Again...

At this point it's a meme almost as tired as the Ugandan knuckles one, but yeah, Britbong got banned from youtube again.   I believe this is the fifth time.

He made this tweet about it:

At this point I'm really starting to worry about his mental state.  He's not blacklisted, there's no "rogue employee" he's banned.  Banned means you don't get to come back.  It's kind of like being banished.  

The idea that he "didn't make" the account just means he made a new email and uploaded from a VPN.  It was still very much "his" channel.  Just because youtube employees live in India doesn't mean they're retarded.

"classics"??  Come on.  Ben Hurr was a "classic".  African Queen was a "classic"  Britbong making retard noises on secondlife doesn't exactly qualify for the national treasure treatment.

Fortunately, JJCCC managed to shed some light on the situation with his response tweet:

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  1. Got to wonder, at what point he will stop playing victim and realize he is the cause to his demise. It's sad really.


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