Sunday, February 11, 2018

JMAA Should Switch Sides

I'm sure you've heard of JMAA by now.  He's the world's greatest Youtuber, a respected author, musician, artist, cyclops and more.

But you may not know that JMAA is also the world's greatest streamer.  You may not know this because when you go to his twitch stream, it always shows just one viewer.  Does this mean he has only one viewer?  Absolutely not!  My friends and I make an attempt to catch every JMAA stream, but, through a technical error (no fault of his own) we are somehow *all* blocked and muted from his stream.

JMAA is very loyal to Britbong.  He attends every Britbong stream, he donates to Britbong, he makes fantastic artwork depicting him and Britbong as futinari and yet, Britbong has never attended even one JMAA live stream on Twitch.  None of Britbong's friends or supporters attend JMAA streams either.

My friends all post notices of JMAA streams in our discords.  We encourage our friends to go.  We attend ourselves, which you would see, if we weren't all mysteriously banned and muted from his channel.

I think JMAA should make the bold move and embrace the community that embraces him.  He should leave team Britbong and go on his own, starting with clearing the entire ban list from his youtube and twitch channels.

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