Monday, February 12, 2018

Britbongreturns Makes Death Threats Against Streamers

Having learned nothing from his lifetime Youtube ban, Britbongreturns "raided" twitch streamers yesterday, including death threats and threats of violence against several streamers.

He's lost so much due to this kind of bullshit behavior.  These raids are how he was banned from Twitch (the first time), and Youtube.  You'd think at some point he'd get the idea it just wasn't worth it.

It looks like the police are involved now, so let's see what develops. doesn't seem to have made any sort of statement or position on this issue.  I don't think they realize, if this goes to court, they're as much on the line as Britbong. 

It looks like somebody really turned up the heat this time and Britbong tried to make an apology. 
I suspect his days at are numbered.

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