Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ratcloner Is Alive

[13:27] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): at starbucks ip address so idiots banned favor coffie joints
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): clever
[13:28] 13 inc (BincBinc): bbl
[13:28] Binary Ultsch: dude is at starbucks.. with help island voice on loud speaker
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): also useing normal client
[13:28] Indica (Merilwen): i'm glad you're banned you spergy little copybotting fgt
[13:28] Binary Ultsch: this game is a secrit.. .. must never be known in real life...
[13:28] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): there own viewer
[13:29] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): Pony town selling bad products not my problem
[13:29] Binary Ultsch: hehe
[13:29] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): if people sell bad products banned creator not alt
[13:30] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): or newbies
[13:30] ThisisReasonWhy (RatchetandClankFan69): that dont know what copybot is

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