Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Was Britbong Unfairly Suspended?

I know, it's almost a joke at this point, but Britbong's (new) youtube channel is locked up due to a DMCA strike, and he won't be able to stream again until after Christmas.

What's different this time is, I was almost ready to say the strike was unfair until I looked into it.

Apparently the DMCA came from Outpost Games, maker of SOS.  What seemed unfair on the front end is that the EULA specifically says you can stream the game, which is what Britbong was doing, and he was clearly upset about the strike and its consequences to his new channel.

Where he loses his legal standing though, is he was previously banned from the game twice and was streaming it a third time with the in-game screen name of "neegar".  Where they get you on this kind of thing is that, even if your initial ban was unfair, just the act of evading their ban frees the company from any obligation of their EULA and makes their DMCA perfectly valid.

It didn't help that he sent his 13-year-old fans into the developers discord to call them jews, etc.

So, Britbong turns 30 and goes into the Christmas holidays without his original youtube channel, without his twitch channel, without a girlfriend and unable to stream on his new channel.  I feel bad for him, but he should have known better.  Considering how much he's lost at this point, I just don't think he's going to figure out it really is his fault, and if he played by the rules he might actually get somewhere.

** Update**

So I get a message that Britbong is raiding the stream of one of the "girl gamers" he blames for his ban and the DMCA on his channel.  I go to her twitch channel, check the user list and sure enough there are several of Britbong's asolescent friends there, including Redsaw** one of his mods.  The channel page says she has a discord, so I go to check there and sure enough the same names are raiding her discord.  Then the girl on stream gets a temporary automatic in-game ban because there are so many reports on her.  She check's with the devs and the false in-game reports came from the same names from Britbong's stream.  Needless to say, she was immediately un-banned.

Britbong turns 30 today and he spent it, not with family or friends, but on the internet, trying to get revenge on some girl gamer for pointing out to one of the game mods that Britbong was ban evading on the game and streaming it.

I really thought, by now, things would have changed with him.  If anything, he's gotten worse.  Yesterday I saw him trying to shit-talk BuntyKing on a video where he was interviewed.  He's burning bridges faster than he can build them now.  God knows where it will all end.

** Apparently Redsaw is underage.  Why Britbong wants children for his moderators is a mystery.  Sending a child to do your dirty-work during a "twitch raid" is pretty low.


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