Friday, December 22, 2017

Dfuse Comes Clean

[11:09] Prodigal Son (dfuse): hey [11:19] YouGotWhatINeed: oh hi [11:23] Prodigal Son (dfuse): what's up? [11:24] YouGotWhatINeed: just jerkin my cock [11:24] YouGotWhatINeed: you? [11:24] Prodigal Son (dfuse): same [11:24] YouGotWhatINeed: we're like twins [11:24] Prodigal Son (dfuse): yep [11:25] YouGotWhatINeed: gay? [11:25] Prodigal Son (dfuse): depends [11:25] YouGotWhatINeed: why lol [11:26] Prodigal Son (dfuse): i only like boy pussy [11:27] YouGotWhatINeed: what's that mean? [11:27] YouGotWhatINeed: i have a dick not a pussy [11:27] Prodigal Son (dfuse): it means im not gay [11:28] YouGotWhatINeed: ok never mind then [11:28] YouGotWhatINeed: take care [11:28] Prodigal Son (dfuse): wait [11:28] Prodigal Son (dfuse): i have a confession [11:28] YouGotWhatINeed: go on [11:28] Prodigal Son (dfuse): i'm gay [11:29] YouGotWhatINeed: make your mind up lol [11:30] Prodigal Son (dfuse): do you have a big booty? [11:30] YouGotWhatINeed: i'd have what you'd describe as a big cloud of an arse [11:31] Prodigal Son (dfuse): that's good cushion for the pushing

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