Thursday, August 3, 2017

Past Zero Growth

For about two years, Secondlife was in a period of Zero Growth.  That means they're losing about as many people as they're gaining or basically holding their own.

With school starting back, and Sansar cannibalizing their customer base and competition from other products, Secondlife is now entering a period of Negative Growth where they're no longer gaining as many new users as they're losing.

This means, that every person they ban, every person who leaves because they had an unpleasant experience, every person who dies, every person who no longer has time to play secondlife, etc--will not be replaced.  The Secondlife population will just be one person smaller.   If this trend continues long enough, Secondlife will simply cease to exist.


  1. Sansar hasnt cannibized anything yet. SL will die and so will you its inevitable. You have major beef with SL because you only post about its demise I think you will be sad when its gone cuz your blog revolves around it and those you stalk and prey on are there to.

    1. I wouldn't say "major beef", but I do have problems with several of the business decisions Linden Lab made over the past five years. For a company with basically one product to spend millions of dollars to develop a competing product is simply asinine.

  2. Ok i do agree with you on that it really is a dumb decision they should have tried to salvage second life since thats where their income is coming from


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