Thursday, July 13, 2017

Richie Still Loves Aubrey

you'll notice she never even responds....

[20:30] Second Life: Incoming message from mensaxxoo Resident
[20:30] mensaxxoo: do you fuck that guy
[20:30] mensaxxoo: ?
[20:30] mensaxxoo: i hate him
[20:32] mensaxxoo: can i pay u
[20:34] mensaxxoo: are you going to?
[20:34] mensaxxoo: i want to pay you im so horny
[20:35] mensaxxoo: i want to pay
[20:35] mensaxxoo: come on
[20:36] mensaxxoo: do you fuck him afyer?
[20:36] mensaxxoo: tell me and ill pay you 3k
[20:36] mensaxxoo: just for that
[20:36] mensaxxoo: serious?!
[20:36] mensaxxoo: do you skype him?
[20:36] mensaxxoo: let me pay you aubrey please
[20:37] mensaxxoo: you make me feel so bad that i have to pay you to get your attention
[20:37] mensaxxoo: but it is so hot
[20:38] mensaxxoo: saw rob was on too last night early and you both came on at the same time
[20:38] mensaxxoo: can i give you 5k
[20:38] mensaxxoo: for 5 mins?
[20:39] mensaxxoo: just 5 mins
[20:39] mensaxxoo: please
[20:39] mensaxxoo: easy 5k
[20:39] mensaxxoo: im feeling so pathetic rn
[20:40] mensaxxoo: please?
[20:41] mensaxxoo: wow
[20:41] mensaxxoo: w/e
[20:41] mensaxxoo: 5 mins aubrey
[20:41] mensaxxoo: its 20 dollars like
[20:42] mensaxxoo: if you have anything to say about like rob
[20:42] mensaxxoo: i love hearing about when you skype guys
[20:45] mensaxxoo: seriously
[20:45] mensaxxoo: 5k
[20:45] mensaxxoo: ill pay first
[20:45] mensaxxoo: just to get humiliated by you
[20:45] mensaxxoo: pleaseeeeeeeeeee
[20:46] mensaxxoo: are you busy in a call?
[20:47] mensaxxoo: 10k then
[20:47] mensaxxoo: and ill pay first
[20:47] mensaxxoo: 40 dollars
[20:47] mensaxxoo: but i want 10 minutes
[20:48] mensaxxoo: comon
[20:48] mensaxxoo: are you in a call?
[20:49] mensaxxoo: im insanely horny rn
[20:50] mensaxxoo: why cant you just answer yes or no
[20:50] mensaxxoo: like if i pay first will you
[20:52] mensaxxoo: serious though
[20:56] mensaxxoo: so boring
[20:57] mensaxxoo: wish you were my findom
[21:13] mensaxxoo: im serious
[21:13] mensaxxoo: just to pay you
[21:13] mensaxxoo: for you to humiliate me
[21:13] mensaxxoo: since i can never have you

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