Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pixie Khitan Lies To Get Toxic Kitty Banned

[17:37] BreakingTime: but if you got banned for something funny I'll post it
[17:37] Robocop5476: have I ever been posted on your blog?
[17:37] BreakingTime: no
[17:37] Robocop5476: ok
[17:37] Robocop5476: let me tell you all about it
[17:37] BreakingTime: you're usually pretty quiet
[17:37] BreakingTime: lol yes please
[17:38] Robocop5476: do you remember the piece of shit that is pixie khitan
[17:38] BreakingTime: yes
[17:38] BreakingTime: he reported you for being under age?
[17:38] Robocop5476: well, he kept on bothering me to cyber with him
[17:39] Robocop5476: and I told him I was underage to scare him and get him to stop
[17:39] Robocop5476: and then he got mad and reported me

*** Note *** Toxic Kitty is actually 22 she told Pixie she was underage to get rid of him not knowing he prefers girls who are under age.

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