Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dfuse And The Underage Girl

[11:19] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Did you know that Yurii is underage right?
[11:19] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Child grooming is a serious crime bro.
[11:20] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she told me she's 21
[11:20] Poose Slayer (dfuse): or 22
[11:21] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Well I was on that call and I remember her specifically telling you she was underage.
[11:21] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she's 22 mate
[11:21] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise you are a friendzoned cuck?
[11:22] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Do you realize that you committed a serious crime right?
[11:22] Poose Slayer (dfuse): talking to a 22 year old
[11:22] Poose Slayer (dfuse): nope
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): And I'm not the one who got cucked by someone under 16 bro.
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): also 16 is legal in UK
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You do know she was banned from sl for being underage right?
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're the one trying to social justice warrior
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise she asked me to go visitt her and fuck her all day
[11:23] Poose Slayer (dfuse): but i declined
[11:23] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lol
[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude you're beyond a joke man
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're a beta cuck buddy
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): blocked
[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): <3 p="">[11:24] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lets hope no one finds out your name!
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): lets meet up in real life
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're in glasgow right?
[11:24] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I'd love to see you say that to my face
[11:25] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Nah mate i'm not going to meet you in the park at 4 for a wee tumble I don't dance with beasts.
[11:25] Poose Slayer (dfuse): You're the beast.
[11:25] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Okay, I'm not the one sending nudes to children.
[11:25] Poose Slayer (dfuse): it's not my fault she told me she was 22
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I was on the call.
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): hahaha you're such a beta cuck buddy
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you cant even afford a plane ticket to the US
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you work in a call center
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you are literally a minimum wage wanker
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I work for the job centre.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Fanny.
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): £8.00 an hour wanker
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): looool
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Civil service.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What do you do, Groom children online.
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Wow
[11:26] Poose Slayer (dfuse): my jacket is worth more than everything you're wearing right now
[11:26] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Such wow
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Lol west end fight chat
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What a puff.
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): she asked me to go fuck her all day, but she's mad cause I dinghied her for ages
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're such a beta loser loool
[11:27] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Of course, Lets just not let it go around you send nudes to a child
[11:27] Poose Slayer (dfuse): since when is a 22yr old considered a child?
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): She's 15 bro.
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): looool
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): sure she is
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): but buddy
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): the fact is
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you earn minimum wage
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You're a pedophile.
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Who sits on second life all day
[11:28] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you cant even afford to go to the US
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Grooming kids.
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude
[11:28] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Do you even have a job?
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you're literally at the bottom of the rat race
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): what a genuine loser lol
[11:29] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude I'm a former college lecturer for City of Glasgow like , are you retarded?
[11:29] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Like cause that's how Yuri describes you
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): is that why you're working for minimum wage at the job centre now
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): well done mate
[11:29] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you realise I'm a senior software engineer
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): what you make in a month I make in a week
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): maybe in 3 days
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Job centre pays 15 bucks an hour and has 3 hour long paid  breaks  XS
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You know nothing about what you are talking about
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You don't know anything about me
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): dont explain yourself to me you underachieving fucktard
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You're grasping a straws
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Because you're a beast.
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Cornered.
[11:30] Poose Slayer (dfuse): not my fault your parents couldnt afford you a real education
[11:30] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I have 2 degrees xD
[11:31] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 22yrs old isnt considered a child
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): 15 mate.
[11:31] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 2 degrees and you work for the job center LOL
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Yeah, Employability and Computer Architecture.
[11:31] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What do you have to show for yourself other than that you wanna touch kids?
[11:32] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): And a jacket you got from sucking off your dad?
[11:33] Poose Slayer (dfuse): do you want to die in your sleep tonight?
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Im printing off your picture at work tomorrow and handing it into the police station XD
[11:34] Poose Slayer (dfuse): ok
[11:34] Poose Slayer (dfuse): expect my  lawyers to be in touch with you
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Okay sweetheart.
[11:34] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Now begone beast.
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): 25/12/1995
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): age 21
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): LOL
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I'm printing out your picture and handing it to my lawyers
[11:35] Poose Slayer (dfuse): expect them to be in touch with you very soon
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you just got yourself in a lot of shit
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, she was banned for being underage do you need more evidence?
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): also I'm going to submit a complain to the job centre
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Yeah?
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): writing an email right now with a screenshot of your picture
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): yes
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): watch
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You seem to be in a panick
[11:36] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Panic*
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): want me to show you the email
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): im laughing
[11:36] Poose Slayer (dfuse): at how fucked you are
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I dunno I think it's cute how flustered you are.
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Oh
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I mean pathetic XD
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): What's next
[11:37] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Your gonna get one of your hacker friends to back route my vpn you shite talking beast?
[11:37] Poose Slayer (dfuse): we'll see what your job thinks when they see that you've been soliciting little girls on the internet for sex
[11:38] Poose Slayer (dfuse): you really shouldnt put your job in your profile btw
[11:38] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): There is no evidence I've done such a thing, XD you'll be booked for wasting time and I have a lawyer as well pal I can get you done for slander as well.
[11:38] Poose Slayer (dfuse): made it much easier for me
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): really now
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): we'll see how it goes then
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): I'm sure you'll find a way to contact the DWP about my transgressions.
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): better call your lawyer now
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, you're literally of no threat too me you actual rocket XD
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): You also threatened to kill me
[11:39] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): That's another charge.
[11:39] Poose Slayer (dfuse): That's what you say now, but we'll see how the job centre see it
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Thanks for making it so easy, lol.
[11:40] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Dude, I have friends in the police I'll send them this chat log as well as with your picture and you're gonna be gone man.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Really now.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): I have friends in high places, the police can't do shit.
[11:40] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Can't and won't do shit.
[11:41] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): Now think heavily about what you have done and rethink who you just sent nudes too you absolute cuck.
[11:41] Poose Slayer (dfuse): Better call your lawyer as I said.
[11:41] Meanmemeboi Yama (hkyamazaru): POOOOOSE SLAYE

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