Saturday, July 8, 2017

DanielFromSL : Missing

It's been over a year since DanielfromSL uploaded his last video.  Despite his absence, his subscriber numbers continue to climb, nearing 170K now (gaining almost three times as many new subscribers in the past year as Britbongreturns, despite his disappearance)

About 9 months ago, Daniel said he was taking some time off to work on a special project and that was the last anyone heard from him.  About six  months ago the Youtube "adpocalpyse" began, drastically reducing the revenue for many youtubers, prompting several (like John Scarce) to simply stop making videos since they weren't making money anymore.

My speculation is that DanielfromSL is sitting on his "special project" videos until such time that having videos on youtube becomes profitable again.

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