Monday, July 3, 2017

Britbongreturns Sanctioned for "Hate Speech"

I'm not even sure what he said.  I'm told it was something about "trannys" which would be funny since he has a history of attraction to Transgender Women and isn't above putting on a dress himself from time to time.

Currently Britbong has three known youtube channels to juggle and hide from his strikes, which have been plentiful this year already, and at least a dozen sock-puppet accounts he uses to talk up his own videos and talk down the videos of others.

At some point, some youtube employee is going to just say "oh yeah, you're THAT guy" and lock him out of all of them like they did a year ago.

Since the much-talked-about "adpocolypse" on Youtube, hardy any of Britbong's videos have ads served on them, meaning he's making virtually no revenue from them at all.  Youtube seems pretty committed to cleaning up their advertising situation, so I doubt if that will change.  

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