Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Answer To Muslim Violence

is not more conservatism...

The answer to all religion and tribal based violence is Humanism and Skepticism.

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  1. Humanism is what got EU into this mess in the first place. The answer is to simply outlaw islam and deport anyone who doesnt like it. In a perfect world all non-whites would be deported from EU. Islam can never be reformed. UK will never be restored, they are too far gone. Oi M8 I loVE ReGgaE M8 So ALl BlaCkS r CoOL m8 Oi LoVE mE sOme KebBaB sO BeTTeR FiLL Me COUnTry WiTH ArABs M8 ThEyre OIlRoiGHT DoNT BE a RaCIsT m8 ThE kEBaBeS aRe WoRTh THE AnniHilatioN Of My RaCE, rApe anD muRdER of aLL oUR womEn Too M8. We CouLdNT CooK The kebABs WiThouT LitERal ArAbS heRe EIThER reEMmEmbER We Must aLL lIVE in HaRMonY in PeACE in White COUnTRiEs Only m8.


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