Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pixie Khitan Pretends To Be a 17 Year Old Girl

[23:32] ThisBuiltIt: hi pixie
[23:33] Shrekkie: hi ^.^
[23:35] Shrekkie: Are you my Uncle Boyd? :)
[23:36] ThisBuiltIt: ou're a very strange man steven
[23:36] Shrekkie: Oh. You are Boyd.
[23:36] Shrekkie: let me issue you a challenge
[23:37] Shrekkie: call my phone number within the next week
[23:37] Shrekkie: or I will release morgan's nudes
[23:37] Shrekkie: you have no power boyd
[23:39] Shrekkie: I bet you can't do it, because we all know, all you do is empty threats
[23:39] Shrekkie: morgan's pussy is going to be seen by everyone
[23:40] Shrekkie: and you're not even trying to stop it
[23:40] ThisBuiltIt: lol go for it
[23:40] Shrekkie: you'll be able to verify to everyone that it's hers
[23:40] Shrekkie: i know ;)
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: your secondlife existence seems to be shrinking
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: no friends
[23:41] ThisBuiltIt: no where to hang out

Pixie's LiveJournal account has been suspended
God knows what he was up to that got him suspended.


  1. shrek is 18, you were at her birthday party, an old ass man at a little girls 18th birthday party

    1. thanks for proving it was you pretending to be her steven


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