Saturday, June 3, 2017

London Sim Adds Bore Clause

The London Sims added a new clause to their covenant allowing them to ban residents they see as boring:

Voice is enabled so residents can enjoy conversations with each other.   However a certain etiquette is expected.   Be respectful. Do not cause deliberate annoyance.  Please do not hog the voice channel.  Remember to give other people a chance to join in too. Those who "key-up and go for it", without ever pausing for breath or giving way to other people, should be encouraged to give it a periodic rest.   London City provides a Voice Lounge which is separate from the rest of the region.  People who only talk and never listen, or monopolise (sic) the hub area should be encouraged to visit the voice lounge where they can talk until the end of time without annoying everyone else.  Same goes for screechy microphones!

The first person banned under the new rule: Chase McClure

go figure huh?

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