Saturday, June 24, 2017

Britbong Might Be Retarded

He spent almost 2 hours last night trying to talk to my avatar while my actual physical body was at the movies.

I was thinking of suggesting he get into GTA RP since it'd been so successful for Charlie Winsmore, but then I realized that if Britbong started playing GTA RP now, people would just accuse him of copying Charlie like they did with his SL videos and I'm pretty sure Britbong wants to get out from under that particular shadow.


  1. How come sour journalist Boyd lies all the time?

    >Got called twice and actively declined
    >Cammed onto my avatar and blocked me
    >Calls suddenly get instant declined

    Alexander telling porkie pies because he's scared of Britbong.

    1. might be hard to do when I was two zip codes away at the time domonic

    2. to be fair, had I been there I probably would have blocked you if I was there just because it frustrates you. Anyway, avoid that GTA RP stuff. I know it frustrates you when people say you copy Charlie (even though you do)


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