Sunday, June 4, 2017

[01:51] Escoma Pragan Loves Anal

[02:00] Justintricate: how old are you?
[02:00] Escoma Praga: tell me
[02:01] Justintricate: would it be bad if i were 19?
[02:01] Escoma Praga: are you really
[02:01] Justintricate: is it ok?
[02:01] Escoma Praga: might be bad
[02:02] Justintricate: what if i would be 20 in 3 weeks?
[02:02] Justintricate: slaps your hot ass
[02:02] Escoma Praga: it would be bad
[02:02] Escoma Praga: what if i'd let you
[02:13] Justintricate:
[01:47] Justintricate: do you like dp?
[01:47] Escoma Praga: whats dp
[01:47] Justintricate: double penetration
[01:47] Escoma Praga: i've never
[01:48] Justintricate: would it be hot to try?
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'd try
[01:48] Justintricate: mmmm kinky
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'm scared but i'd try
[01:48] Justintricate: mmm
[01:48] Escoma Praga: i'm just so scared i'd feel so full
[01:49] Justintricate: might feel really good too though wouldn't it, feeling that full?
[01:49] Escoma Praga: you might have to push no matter what i say
[01:49] Justintricate: mmm yeah
[01:49] Escoma Praga: i'm willing to trust you
[01:49] Escoma Praga: no matter what i say you'd have to continue to push
[01:49] Justintricate: mmm yeah...just push it in deep
[01:49] Escoma Praga: even if i say no
[01:49] Escoma Praga: you still push
[01:49] Justintricate: mmmm yeah
[01:49] Escoma Praga: and even if i complain you push down on me and say shut up
[01:50] Justintricate: mmm yeah and fill you up
[01:50] Escoma Praga: and i'd hope you'd be in me
[01:50] Justintricate: deep in you
[01:50] Escoma Praga: i'm pretty subborn so you'd have to force
[01:51] Justintricate: you like it rough dont you naughty bitch? mmm
[01:51] Escoma Praga: yes i do
[01:51] Justintricate: mmmm
[01:51] Escoma Praga: and i love anal
[01:51] Justintricate: very hot
[01:51] Justintricate: you like bending over dont you
[01:51] Escoma Praga: yes
[01:52] Justintricate: like a naughty cock slut
[01:52] Escoma Praga: as long as my Master iis there
[01:52] Escoma Praga: if i trust
[02:13] KeyOntype: lol
[02:13] Justintricate: lol
[01:54] Escoma Praga: i'd like that
[01:54] Escoma Praga: are you a dom
[01:54] Justintricate: mmm me too, yes
[01:55] Escoma Praga: well i like doms but i don't have one
[01:55] Justintricate: well i could be your hot dom
[01:56] Escoma Praga: i'd like that
[01:56] Justintricate: you're not a linden are you?
[01:57] Justintricate: can I throw tacos at you?
 [02:35] Justintricate: do you take virtual second life super serious?
[02:36] Escoma Praga: depends
[02:36] Escoma Praga: why do you ask
[02:36] Justintricate: or do you see it as the virtual reality la la land that it is?
[02:36] Escoma Praga: no theres is real ppl here
[02:36] Justintricate: its not facebook , its all virtual
[02:37] Justintricate: they make fake selves to play on here
[02:37] Escoma Praga: no theres real ppl here
[02:37] Justintricate: where?
[02:37] Escoma Praga: why are you talking to me
[02:37] Justintricate: its a virtual chat room
[02:37] Escoma Praga: there is real ppl
[02:38] Escoma Praga: why are you so rude
[02:38] Justintricate: delusional people....
[02:38] Escoma Praga: delete me then
[02:38] Justintricate: i'm not, should i be charged for war crimes because i razed a villiage virtually in warcraft?
[02:39] Justintricate: its not real
[02:40] Escoma Praga: well i thought you were sexy till now
[02:40] Escoma Praga: ta
[02:40] Justintricate: lol

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