Saturday, June 17, 2017

007BJamesB Probably On NSA Watch List

The From Letter From Trump now in James' Secondlife Profile
In an effort to clean up Secondlife, 007BJamesB invited President Donald Trump to join the Secondlife Green Lanterns, and received this letter in reply:

There are a few points I'd like to make here.

  • This is a form letter. The president never actually read James' letter
  • James wrote the letter in the name of his Secondlife Alt Hal Jordan, not his real name
  • If the president is actually reading letters from and replying to grown men pretending to be Hal Jordan, rather than some secretary with an auto-signer, then it's probably time to consider impeachment proceedings.
  • James isn't even a fucking Green Lantern anymore--he was politely asked to leave.

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  1. LOL. figures boyd is looking at the finger instead of wear it is pointed.


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