Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Worst Religious Terrorists in the United Kingdom

Over the last 100 years, nearly 600 people have been killed by Muslim terrorists in the UK, including
Pan Am Flight 103, which was the worst.

In the same timer period, over 3,100 people were killed by Catholic terrorists in the UK


  1. Major difference being that all attacks done by Muslims are religion based, meaning all muslims agree with the terrorism, or they aren't muslims. Nothing Catholics did were religion based, it was all based on their personal philosophy. Catholics were fighting against imperialism. The Catholics only killed protestants because they were loyalists to England. The settlers of the imperialist force they were fighting. You also have to keep in mind how long the Irish VS England thing has been going on compared to how long a decent amount of Muslims have even been in the UK. If you really wanted to troll you should have did # of Catholics, # of Muslims and # of kills for each. Very poor post, no thought. not good, not good. -Don

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  3. lolwut? Catholics and Protestants have been killing each other for centuries in the UK and Ireland.

    The IRA, Real IRA, UVF, etc have killed many others because of their religion, in NI and ROI, and Scotland. It's called sectarian violence & killing for a reason. Also, what you don't understand is that during the time on the troubles, if you lived in NI and didn't side with one of the factions, you'd be pretty fucked.

    The IRA have killed the British due to the occupation, subjugation and war brought to their island, but they have killed many more Protestants and other Catholics, likewise with the UVF. You could be killed (and still could be in some parts of NI) for having a certain surname or if you stray into the wrong part of town. This is exactly what's happening with Isis right now, this is what's happening with Sunnis and Shias right now.

    Don't be fooled into thinking this is religious war. It's a bunch of poor brown people, who follow a certain Islamic ideology who are killing other poor brown people with another Islamic ideology, who are then fucked up by the great Satan (US) and the little Satan (UK) - also, those are the best names I've heard for both countries! - so they decide to lash out and blow some shit up.

    1. Even still, it wasn't religion based. They knew if someone was protestant, they were loyalist. Really had nothing to do with religion. Even if their personal philosophy was religion based, and they just hated protestants, it was not Christian to act on it. Their actions were un-christian.


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