Monday, May 1, 2017

Most Of The People Who Made A Living On Youtube Last Year

are now looking for more normal work this year.

What changed?

Advertisers began to look at where their ads were actually being placed and gave out a massive "fuck this!" and left.

The thing people seem to forget is that YouTube doesn't serve the people who upload the videos.  Those people are incidental.  They don't serve the audience either, although they're part of the equation.

YouTube serves the advertisers.  It's virtually their only source of revenue.

When Google bought YouTube over ten years ago, it was losing so much money, people wondered if YouTube wouldn't bankrupt Google.  Google had a plan to monetize it though, using their ad-sense program, and for a while it worked.

The basic flaw with YouTube is that, if you provide a platform where anyone can upload almost anything they want, then 99% of it will be horse-shit, and that's what YouTube became.  Advertisers went along with it because it was new and exciting and lots of people were looking at videos, but eventually they began to take a look at what they were actually advertising on and realized this just couldn't go on and pulled out.

Now, just like generations of television and radio producers before them, the producers of YouTube videos are realizing they have to please their advertisers in order to exist and that is going to change everything.

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