Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fameshed Re-Delivery Crap

[07:37] Dreams Emerald: hey i am having to get redeliveries
[07:39] Dreams Emerald: is there an admin here?
[07:39] Dreams Emerald: i crashed there
[07:40] Dreams Emerald: and i have half the crap i bought
[07:40] Dreams Emerald: so annoying
[07:40] Kiddo Oh: It's so rewarding to read you guys call our items crap, it really is
[07:42] Dreams Emerald: i wouldn't take it personally - i literally didn't mean it was "crap"
[07:43] Elvi Hartley (elviramidnight): Okay, I am sorry but as much as I want to let chat stay open. I am no longer allowing it. It has been abused. I will not tolerate people slamming the event or the designers. Thanks all.
[07:43] Elvi Hartley (elviramidnight): Chat is now closed as of today.
[07:44] Lucy Luscious (aubreyshadows1): wtg
[07:44] Dreams Emerald: LOOOL

Group Chat
Wed, May 03 2017 7:46:43 AM PDT

Due to people not willing to play nice and are willing to slam people, designers and the event the group chat is permanently closed. We all can't have nice things and we wanted to do a nice thing for you all to enjoy the event together.

I am just sorry it couldn't have been used that way.

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