Monday, May 15, 2017

Britbong Got Mad

A few weeks ago Britbong and Jaypee started scouring Secondlife for nude photos of MrNoob.  He wouldn't say why he was mad or why he wanted to expose her.

Fortunately he couldn't get any so nothing happened.  Today though he seems to have found some and spread them absolutely everywhere.  He still won't say why he's mad at her.  When I confronted him about it he clammed up and quit passing them around because he knew I was recording:
[17:55] ANTlFA: where are these pictures
[17:55] ANTlFA: that you all are talking about
[17:59] ANTlFA: there are more
[18:00] Hard Case Bong (thebiglad): i dont wanna repost them

[16:03] Hard Case Bong (thebiglad):

it looks like the 4chan mods deleted the images themselves, but you can clearly see what he tried to do.

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