Saturday, April 29, 2017

Top Ten Secondlife Troll Youtubers

Everybody has their own favorites, so don't count my list as anything "official" or "important"   My main goal is to provide links to some channels you might not know about.

Before I begin, there are two people I have to omit from consideration.  The first is Charlie Winsmore.  Charlie invented the genre so it's not really fair to compare him to the others.  Charlie was the original and everyone who came after him is in his shadow.

The other person I have to leave out of the list is Britbong.  Pretty much everybody on the list are friends except for Britbong, he's started drama with literally everybody else on the list for no fucking reason and no matter where I put him on the list he's going to complain so he doesn't get to play..

Honerable Mentions

GeneralMinus: One of the earliest people to jump on the Troll Video Train, General Minus quit making videos about 3 years ago.  I collaborated with him on a couple videos.  He's really good at voices.

Ripahar:  Ripahar probably thinks I hate him, but he's actually pretty funny.  He's just getting started so lets see what develops.

Vinesauce: Vinny only made a few SL Videos before moving on to much better things, but they're worth looking at.

Short Stack:  Short Stack has a real talent for voices.

Prussian Prince:

Beast Lions:


10) Cleptar: Cleptar hasn't made many videos yet, but he has a lot of potential.

9) Argyle Alligator: Secondlife is only part of Argyle's repertoire but they're really worth it.

8) Violets Finest: Making his channel before the downfall of the Violet Sim, Derek (not to be confused with Derrick) has an amazing ability to find the most interesting "victims"

7) Scandinavian Prince: Funny as hell oh his own, lately 6Ted9 has been doing some amazing collaborations.

6) DanielFromSL: Despite his name, Daniel only made a few SL videos before moving on to other games, then off to other universes entirely. Technically, in terms of views, he's the most successful SL video maker after Vinesauce.

5) The Bad Guys: The bad guys make videos an homage to other cinema, which alone makes their work worth watching.

4) Lavender Storydel: Story gets the most amazing reactions out of people just by being polite.

3) Derrick: Not only is Derrick one of the funniest, he's also one of the nicest. His humor is amazingly random, like calling a Chinese restaurant in the middle of trolling some old lady.

2) Oliver Sargent: For me personally, Oliver has the best timing and is the funniest of the bunch. If he made more videos he'd be number one.

1) Splinter and Chris: These lads are brilliant. They manage to be amazingly funny without ever saying a word.  Don't expect the regular home invasions from Chris and Splinter.  They go down another road.

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