Monday, April 10, 2017

Top Ten Reasons Why Acidophilus Should Be Banned

  1. In 7 years he's never contributed a single dollar to the Linden Economy
  2. He encourages macaroni's music
  3. He has over 200 alts (you're only allowed seven)
  4. Impersonation: most of his 200 alts impersonate other users.  Ask about  his 12 MikeC Althouse alts or his 4 Waterfallz alts
  5. He's Canadian
  6. He's cheating on Jillz
  7. He needs to get banned so he'll spend less time on Secondlife
  8. He uses his 200 alts to file fraudulent Abuse Reports
  9. Did I mention he's Canadian?
  10. Acidophilus is solely and directly responsible for having voice shut off at Help Island Public
Verified Acidophilus alts:
Bifi (bifidophilus)
Lexi (alexisricelli)
Linda (lactobaccilus)
Ursüla Uranus (bumwad)
and 190 more
I don't hold Linden Lab or Tommy Linden at fault in any way for what happened at Help Island Public.

The fault lies entirely with the people who couldn't simply Mute Ratcloner and be done with it and chose instead to file dozens of Abuse reports, even using multiple accounts to make the problem seem worse than it was.  Tommy and Linden Lab are basically doing their best to figure out a way to deal with the train-wreck that Help Island became and I don't really know if I could do any better.

1 comment:

  1. ALL Canadians should be banned, not just this Acidophilus hoser! Nuks! grrrrr!


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