Friday, April 14, 2017

Oilbase Admits He Uses His Wife's Account To Have Sex With Men

For a while now, it's been common knowledge at Arapaima that Oilbase uses his wife's secondlife account and photos of his wife to lure stupid men into cyber sex with him.  I never thought he'd admit it like he did recently in his main profile:

For those that say I play as my wife's account. . . what are you afraid of?!  natasharotica and I have been married since you were in diapers so what we do in this life is not your business.  No one is impressed by your "knowledge".  You are afraid of us and our success, or are jealous. Its either one.  And if you think you can scare her or I with your "clan" of fake friends well get over yourself.  Too my friends: lets party!

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