Sunday, April 9, 2017

How Acidophilus Got Linden Lab To Shut Off Voice At Help Island

The day started, as it often does, with ratcloner "testing" his GPU crashers at Help Island Public.

Some of the local residents decided they'd had enough!  It was time to DO SOMETHING about Ratcloner!  And, they began each filling in an abuse report on Ratcloner.

This wasn't enough for Acidophilus, though.  He wanted to do something extra to show how powerful he is in Secondlife so Acidophilus logged in several of his dozens of alts to file abuse reports on Ratcloner (and fill the sim so trolls can't get in)

Back at the Battery Street Headquarters of Linden Lab, the diligent governance team notices a remarkable increase in the number of abuse reports coming in from Help Island (an area already known as the source of most abuse reports filed in Secondlife.

Already cranky, and tired of dealing with the cry-babies at Help Island, Tommy Linden (head of the governance team) forgot to check the IP on the abuse reports to see if they were coming from different people, logged into Help Island on his name account rather than his Governance account so people would know he meant business.

Banning Ratcloner's account didn't work!  He was still stuck on voice and began rambling about Tizzers and Rodney Linden.  Frustrated that he didn't solve the problem in front of customers, Tommy decided to show everyone that he is the law here and shut off voice, leaving Help Island Public desolate and deserted ever since.

Moments later Ratcloner showed up at Arapaima on a new account, mumbling about his lady-love Tizzers dressed as Rodney Linden. Acidophilus was full of sound and fury signifying nothing.  His antics got voice shut off at Help Island Public for nothing.  He failed and now all the people who have been going to Help Island Public for years must suffer.

I don't really blame Tommy here.  He handled it much like I probably would have.  The people at help island should have just muted Ratcloner and gone on their merry way and none of this would have happened.

I don't hold Linden Lab or Tommy Linden at fault in any way here.  The fault lies entirely with the people who couldn't simply Mute Ratcloner and be done with it and chose instead to file dozens of Abuse reports, even using multiple accounts to make the problem seem worse than it was.  Tommy and Linden Lab are basically doing their best to figure out a way to deal with the train-wreck that Help Island became and I don't really know if I could do any better.

    What we know about Acidophilus:
  • In his 50's
  • Disabled
  • Unemployed for many years
  • Canadian
  • Has spent all day every day on Secondlife for the past seven years
  • Proudly admits to having over 200 alts
  • Has never bought lindens, choosing instead to dress his many alts in freebies.
  • Dresses several of his alts up as women to use Copybotted dance animations to Macaroni's music (even though most people have him muted)
  • Will forever be remembered as the one responsible for the loss of voice at Help Island Public

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