Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Help Island Crasher Is daniel2046.munster

Help Island Crasher Is daniel2046.munster

Executioner isn't as stupid as he seems

[00:33]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): dude, really?
[00:33]  SamboJohnson: its that time again
[00:33]  SamboJohnson: :)
[00:33]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if you crash, you're crashing me
[00:34]  SamboJohnson: ill make a deal with you
[00:34]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): which leaves me no choice
[00:34]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): depends what the deal is
[00:37]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): im drinking jack daniels and honey, it's my new drink
[00:37]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): with coke
[00:37]  SamboJohnson: if i give you one crasher would you report him lol
[00:37]  SamboJohnson: and get rid of his account
[00:37]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if i what?
[00:38]  SamboJohnson: if you get your friends to report him
[00:38]  SamboJohnson: also
[00:38]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): for what reason?
[00:38]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): do you mean, someone else who crashes here?
[00:39]  SamboJohnson: daniel2046.munster he does most of the work
[00:40]  SamboJohnson: yup he does and he does it from the center of help island
[00:40]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): a script crasher?
[00:40]  SamboJohnson: yup
[00:40]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i think LL deleted just about all of those
[00:41]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): the only crashing lately has been you
[00:41]  SamboJohnson: he still has one that he made on that account
[00:41]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): does he have a main account i would know him by?
[00:41]  SamboJohnson: that is his main account
[00:42]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ah ok
[00:42]  SamboJohnson: daniel2046.munster
[00:42]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): well, if he turns up and starts crashing, then i'll know it's him and report him
[00:42]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): thanks
[00:43]  SamboJohnson: cause then i can move on to other things
[00:43]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yeh exactly and i don't have to report you every time you come here
[00:44]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i'll report him instead
[00:44]  SamboJohnson: lol
[00:44]  SamboJohnson: but you have to be sharp to spot him
[00:44]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ive already typed his name in my notecard list
[00:45]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if you leave us alone, i will report him every time he comes and crashes us
[00:45]  SamboJohnson: yeah he crashes other sims too all info hubs
[00:45]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): figures
[00:46]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i don't care about other sims but the info is helpful
[00:46]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours
[00:46]  SamboJohnson: he usually does it from 10 pm sl time to 2 am sl time
[00:47]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): and i'll leave you alone and not report you if you leave HIP alone
[00:47]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ok good
[00:47]  SamboJohnson: but you have to get rid of him
[00:48]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): does he crash korea, violet, ahern, arapaima, nelsonia, etc?
[00:48]  SamboJohnson: yes and he does it with his alt avatars that are all kinds of ages
[00:48]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): it's not boyd or harrison is it?
[00:49]  SamboJohnson: no not them
[00:49]  SamboJohnson: hes a young guy
[00:49]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): does he work for either of them?
[00:49]  SamboJohnson: no he hangs out with young trolls
[00:49]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): so boyd and harrison just blame each other for crashing but neither of them are the crashers?
[00:50]  SamboJohnson: yup they couldnt crash a bag of potatoe chips
[00:50]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): because everyone thinks it's one of them
[00:50]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): haha
[00:50]  SamboJohnson: i know who the players are lol

[01:06]  SamboJohnson: daniel is your guy
[01:06]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): you're probably right that they couldn't crash
[01:06]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ok
[01:06]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ive got his name and i know what time he comes on
[01:06]  SamboJohnson: i never seen boyd crash a sim lol
[01:07]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if you stop crashing HIP i won't report you
[01:07]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): and i'll report daniel
[01:07]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): how do i prove he is using a script crasher?
[01:08]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): it's easy with prim crashing because there is physical evidence but with scripts it's harder
[01:08]  SamboJohnson: he shows up on the sim and he crashes it when im on he does it instanly lmfao
[01:08]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yeah as soon as he walks into a script enabled parcel
[01:09]  SamboJohnson: LL can go through  his account and see what he has :)
[01:09]  SamboJohnson: they can do that you know
[01:09]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): they would find alot?
[01:10]  SamboJohnson: and he gives all his alts from that main account also
[01:11]  SamboJohnson: thats like a treasure trove of files
[01:11]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): awesome
[01:11]  SamboJohnson: and i know i can drive him out, he really hates me lol
[01:11]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): why does he hate you?
[01:12]  SamboJohnson: because i make him feel like a piss ant :)
[01:12]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): lol
[01:12]  SamboJohnson: :)
[01:12]  SamboJohnson: people dont like to be put down when they think they are on a power trip
[01:13]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yeh
[01:13]  SamboJohnson: and he cant stand when i talk to girls in sl in the info hubs
[01:14]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ah jealousy, that's common
[01:14]  SamboJohnson: because im a systems admin and he flips burgers
[01:14]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): interesting, i think Harrison works for McDonalds now too lol
[01:14]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i wouldn't buy a cheezeburger off Harrison, it would be fucked up
[01:15]  SamboJohnson: brb
[01:15]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): 'extra jizz'
[01:15]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ok
[01:25]  SamboJohnson: im back
[01:26]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): wb
[01:26]  SamboJohnson: thanks
[01:26]  SamboJohnson: so the way i can get this guy to come out is in nelsonia
[01:27]  SamboJohnson: because thats where i hang out and he knows it
[01:27]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i don't go to nelsonia and it's not really my concern, my only concern is protecting help island
[01:28]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): why don't you report him yourself in nelsonia and watch him lose his main account?
[01:28]  SamboJohnson: lol because these accounts are throw aways
[01:28]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i mean if he has that much crasher gear in his account and LL find it, he's fucked
[01:29]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): right
[01:29]  SamboJohnson: yup
[01:29]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i see
[01:29]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i can put that in the report, to look in his related alts linked to his IP
[01:29]  SamboJohnson: yeah
[01:30]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): he might lose all his alts if LL do the right thing
[01:30]  SamboJohnson: lets hope he doesnt know how to rotate his ip ever 6 hours like i do lol
[01:31]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): well, i think you'll be fine
[01:31]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): keep me informed
[01:31]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if i see daniel come here, i'll know what to do
[01:31]  SamboJohnson: umm
[01:32]  SamboJohnson: if i hang out here hell show up more
[01:32]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): probably
[01:33]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i don't want him here though
[01:34]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): war with him in nelsonia, if he comes to here, i'll let regulars here know it's daniel crashing
[01:34]  SamboJohnson: lol he follows me around like a little puppy
[01:35]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): we have a deal, but don't bring your war with him here. keep it in the safe hubs
[01:35]  SamboJohnson: so i told him ill fill up the sim with bots and he can war with them lmfao
[01:35]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): if he comes here and starts crashing i'll report him
[01:36]  SamboJohnson: well i can come here all i want its a free country
[01:36]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yes you can
[01:36]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): just stop crashing us
[01:37]  SamboJohnson: and if he crashes then you will know
[01:37]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i'll know if it's scripts and not prims
[01:38]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): then i'll know it's him and not you
[01:39]  SamboJohnson: well theoretically because you only seem me crash one way lol
[01:39]  SamboJohnson: but
[01:39]  SamboJohnson: if he follows me here
[01:39]  SamboJohnson: i will not crash with scripts or any other method
[01:40]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i know the difference between prim and script crashes. it's totally different
[01:40]  SamboJohnson: scripts are weak and the sim goes fast :)
[01:42]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): the application is different too, like daniel can rez into the platform and walk into a script enabled area and it crashes instantly. although stupidly he ends up crashing himself too. for you it's different, you have to sit on an adjacent sim and move prims over the border to help island and overload the prim capacity
[01:42]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): and you don't crash yourself
[01:43]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): it achieves the same result
[01:43]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): but you don't crash
[01:43]  SamboJohnson: there are other ways also :)
[01:44]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): well, you could sit in the sandbox too and fly up
[01:45]  SamboJohnson: lol
[01:45]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): well, i don't want to sit here for another two hours like yesterday, i might go back
[01:45]  SamboJohnson: i want him to do what he does , crash people
[01:46]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): keep me informed, we can work together to get daniel banned
[01:46]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yeah his main account name is helpful, thanks
[01:46]  SamboJohnson: yeah im gonna hand out in help island lol
[01:46]  SamboJohnson: hang
[01:46]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): you should
[01:47]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): just don't crash us ok lol
[01:47]  SamboJohnson: he is all pissed off now because i blew up his spot
[01:47]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i don't want to report you too
[01:47]  SamboJohnson: so he is exposed now
[01:47]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): yup
[01:48]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): his main account is dead
[01:48]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): little fucker
[01:48]  SamboJohnson: well like i told you in the beginning, these are throw away accounts :)
[01:48]  SamboJohnson: they are meaningless
[01:49]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): that's ok
[01:49]  SamboJohnson: but if you want to get whose been fucking with you guys for the past 8 months there he is lol
[01:49]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i can say in the reports, 'i suspect', or 'i have a tip-off that'
[01:49]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): 'his main account is danielxxxx'
[01:50]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): and i won't report you as long as you stop crashing us
[01:50]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): i want to get this little fuck
[01:50]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): banned once and for all
[01:51]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): and then i might win a nobel peace prize
[01:51]  SamboJohnson: yup sounds good
[01:52]  SamboJohnson: :)
[01:52]  Pixeralla (pixie.khitan): ok im going back, see you around :)
[01:52]  SamboJohnson: yeah ill go there too lol
[02:13]  SamboJohnson: one of his alts that he is on now is Keep Calm It's Me Todd Kraines

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