Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bugsy's Interview To Work For Linden Lab

[11:33] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): 17] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): hey r u guys hiring
[11:17] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): i'm it major
[11:17] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): i can work from home
[11:17] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): or relocate
[11:17] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): to San Fran
[11:19] Governance18 Linden: You are welcome to submit your resume
[11:19] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): can u give me link pls
[11:20] Governance18 Linden:
[11:20] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): ty will do
[11:20] Second Life: You have offered friendship to Governance18 Linden
[11:27] Bugsy (xxmaxpaynexx): i work for apple now from home so i should be ok
[11:27] Governance18 Linden: (busy response): This resident has turned on 'Do Not Disturb' and will see your message later.

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