Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bad Guys Not So Bad After All

For over a week now Britbongreturns has been making a big stink accusing TheBadGuys for disabling his channel for over a month.  I'd like to make two points about that:

1) There's not a shred of proof that TheBadGuys or any other SL youtuber was involved in taking down Britbong's channel, not even a hint.

2) Britbong actually knows who actually took down his channel because they used to be friends and he's spent a month doxing him at every possible opportunity.

This really is getting ridiculous.  I'm sure it's very frustrating to deal with the issues Britbong has had with his channel, but accusing people who weren't even remotely involved probably illustrates the kind of character flaws that got it taken down in the first place.

Strange Phenomenon:
Since Britbong hasn't been able to use his main account to stream or upload videos he converted one of his alternate accounts, changing its name to Brit Bong.  He forgot that he'd used that account to make comments on thousands of videos pretending not to be Britbong, all of which have now had their name tag changed literally to "Brit Bong"

Pretty famous for using Sock Puppet accounts already, there's now pretty solid proof that Britbong has been using alt accounts to follow himself and comment on other people's videos, pretending to be someone else.

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