Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Joanna Loon Vs Dreams Thing

People have been asking about this so I think I figured it out.  It's pretty gay.

Back in October Dreams and Joanna were friends.  Somebody found Dreams' YouTube channel (the one of her with the dogs and weird shit) and Joanna (because she's a dumb ass) subscribed using an account in her Real Name.  Personally, I wouldn't give a fuck because, as I recall, Dreams' YouTube channel was also in Dreams' real name.

Ok, Move forward to February.  Former DJ Stefanos now has Joanna's facebook, so Joanna freaks out and assumes Dreams gave him her real name.  The problem with that theory is that Dreams and Former DJ Stefanos fucking hate each other, so I'm pretty sure she didn't give him shit.

In the end, Former DJ Stefanos, Joanna Loon and Dreams Emerald now all know each other's real life name and NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.  The only remotely interesting thing about this that Joanna is a good 20 years older than she said she was (which wasn't really a surprise).  We also know that she'd masturbate to Rocket Andretti's voice without his consent and bursts into tears if you mention it.

Joanna has been calling Linden Lab and filing tickets etc to get Dreams banned for a few weeks now.  I got news for you honey, if it ain't happened yet it ain't happening.  Linden lab isn't going to assign a special investigator to see if Dreams and Former DJ Stefanos are communicating secretly.


  1. I think this is a case for Scotland Yard. Call DCI Johnny McCornflakes. 0800-Fruit Loops


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