Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Michellita Ceriano And The Police

So, the police came to see Michellita Ceriano recently to talk about Secondlife.  I know this because she yelled at me for two hours about it while having me muted the entire time so I couldn't ask questions.  She thinks I had something to do with it, but I did not.  She's simply not that interesting to me.  DJ Stefanos says he also had nothing to do with it, but who knows there.

What I do know is that, by her own confession, this is the third time the police have come to see her about Secondlife Stuff.  Now, I know Leslie reports me to the police about once a month for the last six years, Britbong has probably reported me a few times as well as Harrison and we all know what happened when Mufferson called the cops on me, and in all this the police have yet to call me, come see me, write me, email me, nothing.  They're simply not interested.

So, my question is: what the fuck is Michellita doing for the police to come see her three times about Secondlife???

I'm holding out the possibility that she's making at least one of these incidents up just to get attention, but come on!  Put some fucking breaks on there cow-girl,  This is getting out of hand.

PS> I'm pretty sure Dreams had nothing to do with Doxing Joannna Loon.  It's just not her style.


  1. i think boyd was prolly involved in this knowing what he does. and boyd makes phone calls to peoples bosses, police departments,landlords, sisters, mothers, fathers, whatever he can try to get on someone, and i think boyds days are numbered.he will prolly take this comment down like he usually does.

    1. why would I call the police on Michellita? nobody even talks to her.

  2. Replies
    1. the longer I'm away from Secondlife the more deranged it seems when I visit. I'm not even convinced the police actually went to see her. She might have made the whole thing up to get attention.

    2. boyd all you do is crash the sims since november thats fact

    3. lol you're turning into Johnny Steel
      only, he's more entertaining and he has a girlfriend


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