Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Linden Lab Shuffles Key Management Positions

Linden Lab adds Bing Gordon to their board of directors.  Gordon is a technical consultant for venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers.  I don't know if KPCB is an investor in Linden Lab but it seems obvious,  No mention of who Gordon replaces on the board.  The press release seems to suggest they added Gordon to help market Project Sansar in particular, mentioning his time with Entertainment Arts.

Without proof, my best guess is this move has to do with the massive investment Linden Lab made in Project Sansar in light of greater-than-expected competition and less-than-expected positive reviews and interest from customers.

Hamlet Au suggests this may be a move to develop Sansar as a gaming platform or engine (similar to Unreal but for VR) not a bad strategy, although Unreal is developing their own VR application.

Linden Lab is also advertising for a new director of Human Resources 
No word on who this replaces or why.

Linden Lab used to be known for its relative employment stability among Tech companies, but lately that seems to no longer be true.

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