Saturday, March 18, 2017

How BritbongReturns Got Suspended From Youtube

About a year ago, Britbong used some artwork from a guy he knows on a few of his videos.  Since the guy was his friend he didn't feel compelled to pay for the artwork or get a release (even though it would have only cost around $40 according to the guy's website)

A year later, Britbong decides to start being a real dick to the guy, so he files a DMCA against britbong for the artwork he never paid for and now Britbong is suspended for 2 weeks and in trouble with Youtube and his network yet again.

Let's be honest though.  Britbong was outright banned from Youtube twice before, so it really is just a matter of time before he is again.  If his videos don't make enough to cover $40 worth of production costs then he really should be more concerned about losing a friend.

It's ironic that after Britbong's false copyright claims to Forever Alone, Ralph Pootawn and the No Man's Sky Video, it's this perfectly legitimate copyright claim to bring him down.


  1. More made up shit by retard alexander pedo campbell

    1. it's all pretty much public record dominic. I really am sorry. I've seen you lose a lot of friends along the way.


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