Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Berserker Rape

[23:50] WolfofVinland: I would run away with you
[23:51] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): ew
[23:51] WolfofVinland: show me love
[23:55] WolfofVinland: you want to go fuck?
[23:55] WolfofVinland: I can be rough with you so you can call it rape
[23:56] WolfofVinland: I will gldaly take your little pussy
[23:57] WolfofVinland: make sure you know you just got fucked good by a big hard cock
[00:01] WolfofVinland: Imagine if I got a hold of you
[00:01] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): stop
[00:01] ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ (anunkindnessofravens): you're so gross
[00:02] WolfofVinland: pretty little kitty lightly prancing her way across my bed
[00:02] WolfofVinland: her sexy little ass in the air
[00:02] WolfofVinland: and I come in and see you
[00:03] WolfofVinland: pet your head and back
[00:04] WolfofVinland: kneel on the bed beside you and grab you by the back of your neck forsing your head down and your ass up
[00:05] WolfofVinland: hold you just like this from behind as I kiss all over your pretty little ass until I spread your legs open and press my tongue against your little pussy, licking you from you little asshole to your clit

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