Sunday, February 19, 2017

Streamers and Security : Britbong Doxes Another Fan

It's simply not safe to donate to Britbong ever.

A little over a year ago Britbong used donor information to Dox Mr Noob.  He's done it again with a guy named K1lld33r, who I thought was one of his best friends.  I was sent the screen shots of Britbong and a guy named HazyHills doing it on Britbong's Discord this morning.  K11d33r's crime?  He talked to Kopy.

With most streamers you expose some of your Real Life information when you donate.  It's inherit in the system.  To protect you, the abuse of this information is an almost instant ban from Twitch (and I assume youtube as well).  The problem is Britbong uses, which only has about 12  streamers so they don't really give a fuck.

Don't let me frighten you away from donating to streamers.  Britbong (dominic vanner) is a fucking autistic psychopath.  Most streamers are not like that.  If you are super sensitive to protecting your identity though, I suggest using Twitch Bits instead.  With bits are you 100% anonymous to the streamer (except your screen name) Amazon still has your real name, but they probably have it already.

I'll contact K1lld33r and try to help him, but honestly he's fucked. does not care at all.  Even more reason why you should only donate to verified streamers on Twitch and no where else.  If they're not on Twitch then you're gonna have a bad time

ok well since Britbong is gonna be a big fucking baby and not admit what he did here's the proof from his own discord with Killdeer's name and address omitted.  Following this they posted photos of his apartment and information on his family.  This was one of Britbong's closest friends and best supporters so keep that in mind if you get the idea you might want to ever donate to Britbong.


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    1. Hi Dominic. The proof has the guys name in it which would be me doxing him again. You're cutting your own throat. The people who watch you know what happened to this guy and unless they're idiots they'll realize you could easily do it to them too. If they're stupid enough to donate anyway then I don't really care what happens to them and it's unlikely they'll have much money to donate anyway.

    2. The proof is in this thread, Dumbinic

    3. Specifically this post


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