Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DanielFromSL Has An Army

Britbongreturns (because he's a baby) left a bad review for some game that banned him, basically saying he doesn't like the game because they banned him, when several dozen DanielFromSL fans showed and began down-voting and spamming his review.  Britbong spent a few hours deleting hundreds of their negative comments but eventually gave up and basically called in the admin (which is ironic since it's a review of a game where he was banned for exactly this sort of thing)

You can see the whole thing unfold here:

at this writing there were 135 entire pages of negative comments on Britbong's review.  God knows how many there will be when you read it.

The game itself is a competitor of High Fidelity and Project Sansar.  Britbong is already hardware banned from High Fidelity so this second leg of his career seems to be getting off to a slow start.

Update:  Britbong has deleted literally thousands and thousands of replies to this review By Hand.  Things are getting heated folks

He then got on his old steam account (the one he abandoned because of all the VAC bans) and tried to do the same thing using the RL name of his ex-best friend K11Deer.

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