Tuesday, January 3, 2017

RIP Tristina

Upset by the last Chris and Splinter Video.  Tristina has chosen to kill herself by spending the day huffing nitrous oxide.

[07:21] ZonZane: I'm not voicing anymore
[07:21] ZonZane: it's done
[07:21] Ulrico Hax: random
[07:22] Meri (Merilwen): lol sure she isn't
[07:22] ZonZane: they won't stop makign the videos
[07:22] ZonZane: not ture
[07:22] ZonZane: true
[07:22] ZonZane: there are people who hate me because of those videos and dont' udnerstand
[07:23] Splinter Smirnov: maybe its because she has a fistula
[07:23] ZonZane: maybe i'm not that strongt
[07:23] ZonZane: yeah I ate poop right


  1. "People who hate me because of those videos and don't understand" are, unfortunately, retarded. I consider the Chris and Splinter videos an homage to Tristina, and a clear indication of her well deserved popularity.

  2. I agree Suz, Tristina should ignore the retards and keep talking, the Chris and Splinter video's are hilarious and Tristina is cool.


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