Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Harri

I'm told by a fairly reliable source that tonight is Harrison's birthday and he's spending it crashing sims and screaming my name on secondlife.  I'm sure he'd say that it was other people crashing him.  I don't really know which is true but it's funny either way.

Apparantly he made a video of dessicated for youtube.  Possibly not the best birthday ever.

In other news:

  • Jillz Darkrose was suspended for 3 days for orbiting people and screaming like a maniac.
  • A half dozen screaming 9 year olds invaded the Mage discord to defend Britbong's honor.

    update:  apparantly he's reporting the mage discord to the discord corproate offices for organizing a DDOS on his stream.  I looked up and down that Mage discord chat and the only mention I saw of Britbong was somebody laughing that he was being a sperg in the sandbox.  Even if they did organize a DDOS of his stream from the Mage discord, I doubt very much if Discord corporate would give any fucks.  Britbong's become quite the accomplished snitch these days, but he seems to be snitching to the wrong people.

    update part 2: still convinced the mage somehow DDOS'ed him, Britbong donated $40 worth of stolen lindens to the sim in hopes Linden Lab will ban them.  You can't make this shit up.

  • Leslie Monroe has been making alts to try and sneak into Inworldz again.  I think, at this point, if she'd just ask people for forgiveness there's a chance they'd just let her come and hang out if she's lonely.  Almost eight years later, to try and sneak in to spy on people is just a bit silly.

I'm probably not going to log into Secondlife tonight so I'll miss all this and instead try to level the pink-haired lesbian Russian bodybuilder on Overwatch.  Please try  to keep the noise level to a minimum.

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