Friday, January 6, 2017

A Second Chance

[19:40] PoleFishing: i don't think youcan save them
[19:41] Jesus (joshuaofnazerith): I hope i can prove you wrong my son.
[19:41] Second Life: Friendship offer accepted.
[19:42] Second Life: Jesus (joshuaofnazerith) is online.
[19:42] PoleFishing: am i saved now?
[19:43] Jesus (joshuaofnazerith): you always will have my unconditional love my child.
[19:46] Jesus (joshuaofnazerith): it is done. you are cleansed and saved.
[19:46] Jesus (joshuaofnazerith): that was easy right?
[19:47] PoleFishing: amen rabbi

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