Sunday, December 18, 2016

When your SL famous..

Having fun there buddy? (:


  1. Thank goodness for SL. Live your dreams girls!

  2. Your SL famous what? Bravo on proving their point.

  3. They should write Linden Labs a thank you letter.

    In real life, their lack of intelligence and physical appearance prohibits them from such social domination.

    Not to mention when two chubby, white girls (such as these two) hold a sign in real life like this, its usually for a bake sale advertisement of some type.

    And don't forget: one is actually STILL in high school, and the other is actually STUCK in a high school mentality (left over hostility probably caused by years of being bullied from mean girls that she's now imitating nightly).


  4. Damn. Sucking digital dick must suck dick.


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