Thursday, December 15, 2016

What Secondlifers Got For Christmas

           Nice Chatters
Dreams Emerald: New tits
Addie Braveheart: Z28
DonDon:  Donald Trump
Waterfallzz: Beautiful grandbaby
Ellie: Super cute boyfriend
CultChief: trip home for sex
Daisy: turned 21
Vahleya Enoch: spider bite repellent
Timmon Breen: GTAV MiniGun
Shishkovaa: Diamonds and chocolate
Whitness7732: Safe escape from Dat Spot
Constance: Cookies!
Ettie Follet: Peace and harmony for all (sadly, her gift was immediately followed by a riot)
AubreyXX:  Early lavish vacation
Zeph: More Vinyl Than Sizzla

           Naughty Chatters
Harrison Digfoot: a tank of gas
Britbong: another year without a girlfriend
Sizzla: Imaginary record deal
Ellen Frog: finalized divorce papers
Justhere999: Tent patch kit
Tristina: Fistula
PeteCo: Elevator shoes
Chase McClure: tracheotomy
Montezuma: Makeup and a wig (your first Tranny kit by Tycho Toys)


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