Friday, December 2, 2016

What Happened to GBTK1?

[11:56] smoot Chajet: violet died...thats new
[11:56] smoot Chajet: yea
[11:56] smoot Chajet: news to me
[11:56] 13 inc (BincBinc): very sad :(
[11:56] smoot Chajet: that place was a mess
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): so we all wnt B2K1
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): pretty sure phooey is happpy
[11:57] 13 inc (BincBinc): about it
[11:57] Phooey Jaggernov: nobody left because it was a mess. they left because voice was cut off
[11:58] smoot Chajet: loves it ?
[11:58] Phooey Jaggernov: voice was cut off because korea1 in violet was an embarrassment to LL

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