Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tristina Receives Her Matthew Grey Gubler Shirt

[15:32] ZonZane: is this boyd?

[15:32] MostMeek: hai!

[15:33] ZonZane: I ordered it six days ago but they were supposed to send a postage sent email seven days later, but I received it before then

[15:33] ZonZane: so it's a good chance it's his coffee

[15:33] MostMeek: does it fit?

[15:33] ZonZane: oh i got the biggest size possible because I wanted to shrink it

[15:34] ZonZane: I wash everything in hot

[15:34] MostMeek: I'd save the coffee stain if possible

[15:35] ZonZane: well the funny thing is that I said, "it's going to have a coffee stain before I even put it on, I hate white things."

[15:35] ZonZane: it's fucking hilarious

[15:35] MostMeek: lol it worked out

[15:47] ZonZane: you can put it on the blog

[15:47] ZonZane: I basically received it a day before they were supposed to ship

[15:47] ZonZane: make sure you note that

[15:47] ZonZane: no one on twitter has one

[15:48] ZonZane: you may want to mention our dream connection and how I dream about him and he lets me know if something bad happens to me the next day, and if it doesn't happen to me it happens to him

[15:49] ZonZane: the last thing that happened to him he forgot his name waiting for coffee because he was playing so many roles

[15:50] ZonZane: that was many years ago though

[15:51] ZonZane: his twitter goes dark for a couple days if I let him know I had a dream about him but he's pretty confident it's always about me now

[15:52] ZonZane: I believe my tweet to him when he forgot his name was "I was hesitant to tell you that I had a dream about you, but if I can avoid something bad happening what's the worse that could happen to you? Forget who you are? lol

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