Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Things I Don't Believe

  • I don't believe Britbong put on a dress to be sexy.  I believe he put on a dress as part of a "troll" on 4chan or somewhere and somebody saved it.  Still funny, but not proof he's gay.
  • I don't believe Stefanos got naked on tinychat for CheChe's alt.  She may believe she has that kind of effect on men, but she doesn't.  It was a loop.  Easy enough to do. I've seen  her try this bullshit twice before and her credibility takes a hit every time.
  • I don't believe Andrew suddenly remembered Kristi got naked for him a year ago and suddenly decided to "expose" her for playing with his emotions.  Again, he's done this before.  He's weak as water.  Just discard it.
  • I don't believe Constance was able to figure out who Rachel was, where she worked, who her boss is and how to contact him.  Somebody on Secondlife might be smart enough for that, but it's not Constance.  There's another player at foot here.
  • I don't believe Liden Lab "accidentally" revived Gardens of Apollo.  I think the destination guide is getting more and more empty so they're just faking it  to hide the obvious fact that Secondlife is dying.

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