Saturday, December 3, 2016

On The Death Of Esteban Winsmore

as told by one of his moderators on Reddit...

Anyone who is interested in WHY Esteban is retired as a character might want to read this as well.
  • He tried to stream trolling Second Life in the past on Twitch.
  • This stream was largely unsuccessful
  • Comedic trolling in Second Life is nearly impossible to do live. There is so much editing involved. Many of the funny parts in his videos are edited to present the story at a comedic pace.
  • Most people ignored him. It isn't hard to know a goofy looking 2-day old account avatar is a troll. Again, it takes a lot of editing to get to the funny bits where people take the bait.
  • The people who didn't ignore him recognized him. He is a legend in SL. Trolls cant troll if you know they're a troll.
  • He had to set his stream to a 45 MINUTE DELAY. This is because SL players saw the stream and hunted down Esteban to meet with him in-game. This ruins trolling efforts and generally isn't that entertaining.
  • He couldn't visit adult areas, which are THE MOST ACTIVE AREAS. Twitch doesn't allow pornographic nudity.
  • Streaming SL is garbage to do anyways because of how the game itself handles how it loads the world. In short, the worlds aren't saved in your computer like regular games. They are loaded by your internet and juggled by your RAM and processor. The quality of the stream was abysmal, as those two things are what makes for a good stream.
  • Twitch no longer even ALLOWS Second Life to be streamed for good reason.
  • Other services do not pay as well as Twitch, even if they do allow SL to be streamed.
  • He was making these videos when he was, to loosely quote, "An angry angsty little 18 year old. I didn't do it for the money or the fun of it. I didn't even like doing it. I think I was just addicted to the views."
  • Eventually he decided that if he wasn't doing it for money(youtube pay is shit), or for fun, and felt like he was bullying "low hanging fruit for no good reason" that he probably shouldn't be doing it at all. So he stopped. He got nothing out of it but attention and he doesn't feel like he needs that anymore.
Oh and lastly
  • He actually does make a lot of money successfully streaming on twitch. He took his sense of humor and quickwittedness and applied it to being a video game streamer. He "trolls" by playing shitty games and making fun of things and ideas instead of people.
  • In conclusion, Esteban was a gift. Charlie got next to nothing out of creating Esteban or other SL content. He does not owe us Esteban and is very successful without him.
But yeah, I wish there were more videos too. That shit is fucking hilarious.

If you want to see what Charlie Winsmore is up to these days, he's live on Twitch three or four days a week

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