Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lauren Weyland Retiring

Second life comedian (comedienne) Lauren Weyland has announced he (she) is retiring

Performing 3 nights a week for 10 years, Lauren's Place will soon be missing their headliner.

From Reddit: 
My name is Catboy Qunhua and I have been performing regularly as a comedian, sometimes as a host at Lauren's Live.Lauren is retiring and we have lost several comedians who used to be regulars but have moved onto other things. (Usually WoW, I really don't get the appeal of that place.) We have a one hour show that performs every Tuesday at 5 PM SLT and this location; (ideally) we have about four guest comedians each are given a seven to ten minute set, or whatever they can do. With the recent loss of performers we simply do not have enough people to do a one hour show, and this is one of the very oldest regular live performance shows that has been going on for nine years coming 2017.
So if you are interested in comedy, and it doesn't have to be a full set, say if you just want to try out telling a few jokes on stage just to see what it's like please IM Catboy Qunhua, Thinkerer Melville, or Jwheels Carver.

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