Monday, December 5, 2016

JC Butterfly Not Involved In "Ellen For President" Effort

[09:08] IsWaiting: hey jamie
[09:08] IsWaiting: everybody is blaming you for this ellen for president thing
[09:08] IsWaiting: so I told them I'd ask you directly
[09:09] IsWaiting: I told them you didn't really seem that active in info hub BS anymore

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): no idea who this is, but i havne't seen Ellen in almost a year. she is still on my friends list. but liek i said i ahvne't tlaked to her in like a year.

[09:11] IsWaiting: lol hey it's boyd

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): hii ^.^

[09:11] IsWaiting: hai :)
[09:11] IsWaiting: lol ok so it isn't you
[09:11] IsWaiting: I'll tell them
[09:11] IsWaiting: have fun :)
[09:11] IsWaiting: lol that was easy

[09:11] Jc Ҡʀση єδցιռցէ٥ռ (jcbutterfly101): lolthanks, you too

As far as I can tell, JC made the group some years ago when people were making fun of her and invited Ellen Frog to join  as they were friends.  Ellen Frog, (being Ellen  Frog) talked JC into making her an officer and eventually JC forgot the group even exitsted.

Like she did with House of Prayer and the Green Lanterns, Ellen Frog then re purposed the old group to give her efforts a sense of respectability she couldn't accomplish on her own.

JC has since asked Ellen to either remove her name from the group or start her own, but not to use JC's group for her own ends.  We'll see if Ellen complies.


  1. She said she couldn't (or wont) delete it so i took it into my own hands. Thank you for the heads up.


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