Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jaypee Eppen: Video Game Cheater

Last night Jaypee (SLDOX) explained why he cheats at video games:

GTAV:  he says EU servers are over-run with Russians so he used hacks to fight them and got sentenced to the cheater's lobby.  Somehow the rest of us played against the same Russians without ending up in cheater's lobby.

CallOfDuty:  He wouldn't tell me why he cheated at COD but he was VAC banned for it.   Most of the people I know who play COD are female.  Getting beat by a bunch of girls is probably what lead Jaypee to cheat.  Britbong and Jaypee are the only people I know who've been VAC banned.  It's fairly rare.

Dead By Daylight:  Jaypee said he didn't like the Michael Myers skin on the killer so he bought hacks after playing 500 hours.  I can't imagine how you even cheat at this game.  Maybe it gives you some sort of radar or something.  It can't be much fun once you do that.  I mentioned his experience to my friend at Starbreeze Studios and they'll be on the look-out for it.

Secondlife:  Jaypee doxes people and calls Lindenlab to get people's password because it's easy and because Kristi called him a ginger faggot two years ago, even though he actually is a Ginger faggot.  He'd also really like a girlfriend on SL and there doesn't seem to be any left.

Full Disclosure:  I did use the infinite money cheat on the Sims so I can build whatever I want without having to level my characters.  I  don't really consider this cheating though as it's a single player game.

Conclusion:  You can play video games with Jaypee if you want, but he's probably going to cheat.

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