Sunday, December 25, 2016

How I Spent Christmas

I'm told that someone spent most of the day going from sim to sim trying to prove that I was Secondlife on Christmas.  When I finally  did get on he's apparantly passed out drunk.  Oh well.

A litttle later, Im told the same person cried on twitter and other places that people from Secondlife had posted his nephew's Dox on the ColossalIsCrazy discord.  Since he's made this false claim before, I decided to go and ask the Mods at the ColossalIsCrazy discord myself...and guess what?  They knew of the complaint, had made an investigation and FOUND NO DOX of any kind on the discord, for Britbong (oops I said his name) or his nephew or anyone else for that matter.

In other words, he made the whole thing up


for sympathy


sigh... I get tired of being right all the time.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:24:06 2016)Oh by the way Mark I am going to be informing your mother with a nice document of your online activities she won't be very pleased.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:24:24 2016)Hopefully we can catch her during work hours or we can get someone to send something to her at work

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:25:30 2016)You can squeal on 8chan, nobody can help you dude no matter how much you cry there.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:29:30 2016)Your mother already told you off, you already had the police at your door for suicide threats, nobody cares about you and your mother is ashamed.

[23:06:35] Boyd alone on Christmas (alexanderboydcampbeli): (Saved Sun Dec 25 19:30:05 2016)IHM and you are on a watchlist for the shady shit you were up to in your IRC days, especially that pedo IRC we know you were lurking on.

[23:08:46] Cruel Robot's Thesis (bomb.varnish): cool story, minivan. Did you get any new dresses for christmas? Did you try them on? post pix plox

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