Friday, December 23, 2016

GayPee Really Really Really Really Wants a Girlfriend

For some reason, Jaypee Eppen thought pretending to be me would help him get a girlfriend

[2016/12/23 16:30]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[2016/12/23 16:30]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[2016/12/23 16:32]  TakeTech (teketech): virgin?
[2016/12/23 16:32]  TakeTech (teketech): it's actually good your still a virgin
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): other wise u'd be an sl hoe for sure
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): even tho you jump on to guys
[2016/12/23 16:33]  TakeTech (teketech): it doesnt get sexual thats why they dont stay with u
[2016/12/23 16:35]  TakeTech (teketech): very flirtatious in logs ive seen em
[2016/12/23 16:35]  TakeTech (teketech): but nothing serious
[2016/12/23 16:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): I'm a bit worried about you
[2016/12/23 16:43]  Ƙяιѕтι (xxalexiesxx): You're having a conversation with yourself :/
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): haha
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): friendship kristi
[2016/12/23 16:44]  TakeTech (teketech): :D
[2016/12/23 16:46]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[2016/12/23 16:46]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[16:48]  TakeTech (teketech): (Saved Sat 24 Dec 2016 01:46:44) i'm a stud
[16:48]  TakeTech (teketech): (Saved Sat 24 Dec 2016 01:46:48) a sexual fuck in rl
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): kristi
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): how old r u
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): im gonna take your virinity
[16:53]  TakeTech (teketech): coz u love me
[16:54]  TakeTech (teketech): im musclar
[16:54]  TakeTech (teketech): a sexy 6'2 hunk from the UK

Well, that last bit is a bit of a fib since he's a pudgy ginger but it was a nice try

Kristisrealname: ok so 2faced unloyal bipolar
Kristisrealname: ill be giving coremax
Kristisrealname: everybody else your address
Kristisrealname: hopefully someone kills u in rl
Kristisrealname: post boyd these logs
Kristisrealname: well see if he posts your address

Guess he got mad Kristi sent me his conversation.  I missed all the fun, but apparantly Britbong followed this outburst by making dozens of accounts to shout at people.   The holidays are hard on short people I suppose.

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